5534D Low-Noise Operational Amplifiers

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DIP-8 - Equivalent Input Noise Voltage The NE5534, NE5534A, SA5534, and SA5534A
devices are high-performance operational amplifiers 3.5 nV/?Hz Typ , Unity-Gain Bandwidth 10 MHz Typ, Common-Mode Rejection Ratio 100 dB Typ, High DC Voltage Gain 100 V/mV Typ, Peak-to-Peak Output Voltage Swing 32 V Typ With V internally for a gain equal to or greater than three. CC± = ±18 V and RL = 600 ?, High Slew Rate 13 V/?s Typ, Wide Supply-Voltage Range ±3 V to ±20 V, Low Harmonic Distortion,, Offset Nulling Capability, External Compensation Capability.

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