4WD MiniQ Arduino Robot V2.0

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Our newly upgraded 4WD MiniQ mobile robot kit is especially designed for education/learning purposes. It comes fully assembled and all your need is a PC with Arduino IDE and 4xAA battery. This new version of MiniQ 4WDArduino Robot Kit comes with Arduino Leonardo controller (ATmega32u4) and also integrates modules such as RGBآ LED, photosensitive diode, infrared transmitters, infrared receivers, infrared line tracking sensors, light sensors, additional buttons andآ buzzer.

Along with this mobile robot kit, we offer 8 lessons for beginners, from entry-level to line-following, obstacle avoidance, and remote control. Users can easily grasp through the tutorial. All coding and tutorials are open and free to download.

Note:This product only supportsArduino IDE 1.6. X

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