24VDC 4-Channel Relay Module High/Low Level Triger Self-Lock Relay

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24V 4-Channel Relay Module Low Level Triger Self-Lock Relay
Module description:
1. Maximum load on normally open pin: AC 250V/10A, DC 30V/10A.
2. Trigger current 5mA;
3. Power indicator light (green), relay status indicator light (red);
4. Module size: 110x57x18.5mm

Module interface specifications:
1. DC+ : DC power supply positive pole
2. DC- : DC power supply negative pole
3. CH1~CH4 : : relay signal triggering pin

Relay output:
1. Normally closed pin (NC1~NC4) : relay normally closed pin
2. Common pin (COM1~COM4) : relay common pin
3. Normally opened pin (NO1~NO4) : relay normally opened pin

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