SS-989 PROS KIT Rework Station

SKU: tpsa0013
550,00 AED
The experienced technician knows it’s more difficult to de-solder the soldering pot; the operation is more complicated and time consuming,

TB6600 Stepper Motor Driver

70,00 AED
Description : -TB6600 arduino is a professional stepper motor driver that can control a two-phase stepping motor-Compatible with Arduino and

Vacuum Pump – 12V

86,24 AED
Description : This pump operates at 12V and has enough suction for most small projects. We even used one to

Water Turbine Generator (5VDC)

42,00 AED
Description : – This is a water turbine generator, 5V DC output, which can be directly used as an Arduino

Weather Meter Kit

SKU: TPOx0094
363,85 AED
Description :   Kit contains three core components of weather measurement: wind speed, wind direction, and rainfallSensors use sealed magnetic

ZY-208 Solderless Breadboard

50,00 AED
Description : ZY-208 Breadboard is made of ABS Plastic and metal material, which is durable, wear-resistant, reusable, environmentally recycling. The

Antenna Thread Adapter – 1/4in. to 5/8in.

SKU: TPOx0478
25,03 AED
Description : -This aluminum adapter converts the very common 1/4″ thread found on camera tri-pods and mono-pods to the 5/8″

Crimping Pliers – 28-20 AWG

147,91 AED
Description :   -Crimping pliers for making wiring harnesses -Capable of crimping 0.25 – 1.5mm crimp pins and 28-20 AWG

Electric Hobby Screwdriver Set

169,99 AED
This Electric Hobby Screwdriver Set is great for dealing with small screws in a variety of applications all enclosed in

Electronic Snippers

SKU: TPOx0690
75,09 AED
Description : -While our small diagonal cutters are great for hobby use, sometimes you need something with a little more

GPS Antenna Ground Plate

SKU: TPOx0477
31,63 AED
Description : -The GPS Antenna Ground Plate increases the performance of GPS and GNSS antennas-Updated design features a 1/4-20 UNC

Hobby Motor – Gear

9,56 AED
Description : This is our new Hobby Motor now with a 6mm, 10 tooth, gear to make your basic projects

iFixit Essential Electronics Toolkit

114,67 AED
Having a broken phone or electronics device stinks, whether it’s a screen going out, a cable becoming unplugged, or even

iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit

SKU: TPOx0460
341,10 AED
Description : The Pro Tech Toolkit has all the tools you would need for fixing most problems with electronics short

Insulated Silicone Soldering Mat

SKU: TPOx0237
49,83 AED
Description : These mats are capable of protecting a 400mm x 300mm (~15.75″ x ~11.8″) area with 235mm devoted to

Magnet Wire Kit

SKU: TPMx0007
77,14 AED
Description : Magnet wire is super useful stuff, and when you need it there’s nothing else that will work. Whether

Multimedia Wireless Keyboard

SKU: TPOx0092
136,30 AED
Description : This keyboard is powered by a built-in 850mAh LiPo battery, providing you with 500–700 hours of use. Even

Pimoroni pHAT Stack – Fully Assembled Kit

SKU: TPOx0236
77,14 AED
Description : pHAT Stack is a way to add HATs, pHATs, wHATs to Raspberry PiHas six sets of 2 x

SparkFun Mini Screwdriver

4,78 AED
Description : This is a pocket sized basic reversible screwdriver. Both flat and phillips heads available. Comes with a pin

SparkFun Solder-able Breadboard

25,03 AED
Description : This is the SparkFun Solderable Breadboard. A bare PCB that is the exact size as our regular breadboard

SparkFun Solder-able Breadboard – Large

45,28 AED
Description : This is the Large SparkFun Solder-able Breadboard. A bare PCB that is the exact size as our full-size

Thermal Tape 4×4″ Square

SKU: TPTx0021
4,78 AED
Description : Thermally Conductive Adhesive Transfer Tapes are designed to provide a preferential heat-transfer path between heat-generating components and heat

Thin Speaker – 0.5W

5,00 AED
Description : This 0.5W, 8Ohm speaker is only 40mm in diameter and just over 4mm thick, the same kind you

Tool Kit – Screwdriver and Bit Set

50,00 AED
Description :   This screwdriver kit includes a wide range of screwdrivers, including Phillips-head, slotted, Torx, Hex Socket and Tri-Wing.

Tweezers – Straight (ESD Safe)

20,00 AED
Description :   -Large assortment of tweezers available at SparkFun -Continuous testing and buying of latest tweezers technology -Solid straight