YX360TRF Analogue Multimeter 0.25A dc 1000 V dc, 750 V ac

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Safety Category CAT II 1000 V dc, CAT II 750 V ac, CAT III 600 V
Maximum Current Measurement 0.25A dc
Best DC Current Accuracy ±5 %
Maximum Voltage Measurement 750 V ac, 1000 V dc
Best AC Voltage Accuracy ±4 %
Best DC Voltage Accuracy ±5 %
Maximum Resistance Measurement 200 M?
Best Resistance Measurement Accuracy ±5 %
Battery Type AA x 2
Length 41.5mm
Weight 320g
Width 129mm
Dimensions 41.5 x 129 x 159mm
Safety Category Level CAT II, CAT III
Model Number p YX360TRF
Height 159mm
Safety Category Voltage 600 V, 750 V ac, 1000 V dc

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