Elenco DT-100, Diode Transistor Tester

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The Elenco DT-100 Diode Transistor Tester checks transistors and diodes in circuit, identifies NPN or PNP transistors and checks small or large power types. This is the assembled version of the DT-100K.

Diode Mode:
-Checks all types of diodes - germanium, silicon, power, light emitting (LEDs), and zener. -Indicates the cathode or anode leads of the diode.
-Operates in circuit with resistors as low as 5kW.

Transistor Mode:
-Checks all types of transistors - germanium, silicon, power, RF, audio, switching, and FETs.
-Identifies NPN and PNP types, PN or NP junctions.
-High gain circuit, can test transistors in circuits with base or collector resistors as low as 100W.
-Measures relative beta of two transistors.

Power Requirements: Standard 9V Battery (not included).

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