Raspberry Pi 1 Model B+

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Here's a brief overview of what's new

Dual step-down (buck) power supply for 3.3V and 1.8V
5V supply has polarity protection, 2A fuse and hot-swap protection (so you can plug/unplug USB without resetting the board)
New USB/Ethernet controller chip
4 USB ports instead of 2 ports
40 GPIO pins instead of 26. The top/first 26 pins match the original layout, 9 additional GPIO and 2 EEPROM Plate identification pins
Composite (NTSC/PAL) video now integrated into 4-pole 3.5mm 'headphone' jack
MicroSD card socket instead of full size SD
Four mounting holes in rectangular layout
Many connectors moved around
What's not new:

Same basic size, 85mm x 56mm
Same Processor, Broadcom SoC running at 700MHz (can be overclocked)
Same RAM, 512MB soldered on top of the Broadcom chip
Same power connector, microUSB
Same software - be sure to run the latest Raspbian/NooBs but otherwise the overall Linux software is the same
First 26-pins of GPIO are the same
Same HDMI port
Audio part of the A/V jack is the same
Same Camera and DSI Display connector
So, basically, its the same single-board Linux computer you've known and loved but all cleaned up and easier to use. The good news is many of your existing accessories like cables, hubs, keyboards, monitors, etc will work fine. Many Pi Plates (PCBs that plug into GPIO port directly) will also work.

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