HCR - A Mobile Robot Platform Kit with Omni Wheels

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HCR (Home Care Robot) with Omni wheels is a full metal open source mobile robot research platform designed for robotics research and service robot application development.

Same as previous generations, the structure of the HCR is divided into 3 layers, each with slots for installing distance sensors, servos or cameras. There is also plenty of space for other expansions modules. More than that, equipped with 3 high torque Omni wheels with encoders, it is capable of all-direction pinpoint transitional motions and turning motions.

The new HCR is compatible with a wide range of development tools including "Arduino", "Raspberry Pi" , "LattePanda", allowing functions such as line tracking, obstacle avoiding or graphical based interaction. With HCR, you can turn anything into mobile.

Recommended Device list (Not included)

1.The platform is sold in kit, further assembly will be needed.
2.Kit contains all structural parts including metal sheets parts, screw sets, switches and sockets (refer to packing list for more details).
3.The circuit diagram is included in the installation manual, user may add other items based on demand.

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